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Startup Mindset. Mission Ethos.

Grace Innovations creates dual use, transformational technology for commercial and public sectors. We capitalize on Ph.D level research, prototyping, collaborative partnerships and private-public partnerships.


Dual Use Technology

We bring commercial technology to bear on public sector challenges to rapidly enable solutions. At the same time, we take DoD funded prototypes and leverage our commercial industry leadership to rapidly fielded products for DoD missions.

Grace Innovations Impact

“Prototyping Makes Better Policy”

Prototyping dual use technology accelerates new markets and informs global decision makers into today’s
complex and evolving technology landscape. Grace Innovations leadership in establishing the $2.5B Spectrum Forward agreement between key commercial players and US Government created a path for 5G and Future G innovation.

This is just one example of the impact Grace Innovations leadership have made on US economy and government policy.



Our innovators tap into a broader network of leading research institutions to create innovation. The sheer intellectual research and ideas that these institutions put together are having vast impacts on innovation.


We rapidly prototype solutions for our customers giving them a full idea of how the innovation will come out and giving them the opportunity for improvements at an early stage. Prototyping is engineering at early stage.


Our innovations have fieldable capabilities for adoption or future investment. Our innovators tap into a broader network of leading research institutions to create innovation and growth. We are evolving at a rapid speed.


Innovation quickly stalls without access to funding. Our team align public and private funding to bring new organic technology to market or shepherd start-ups through early stage business development.

Grace Innovations Revolution

Ubiquitous, Secure Connectivity Unlocks Industry 4.0

The convergence of ubiquitous connectivity, automation and independent software development delivers the system innovation needed to transform the enterprise.

Unlocking wireless spectrum enables Industry 4.0 across the commercial and public sector enterprise markets. Grace Innovations have decades of experience in wireless spectrum innovation enabling new, secure wireless capacity.

Ubiquitous connectivity enables artificial intelligences and cloud automation solutions needed transform legacy business practices. Our team have developed and fielded wireless solutions from military tactical solutions to converged and cost effective wireless solutions for the commercial enterprise.

Being the system innovation means collaborating with hologram developers, metaverse innovators and technology providers that instantly understand and leverage ubiquitous connectivity and information access at the enterprise edge.

Grace Innovation uniquely brings this ecosystem together to be the system innovator your enterprise needs.

Industry 4.0

Wireless spectrum access is critical to advance 5G, WiFi6, satellite and future next generation wireless communications.

Defending wireless spectrum is a critical part of the commercial or public sector enterprise wireless network.

Grace Innovations have decades in wireless spectrum innovation, policy and regulation.

5G unlocks digital business transformation for the enterprise As 5G releases new capabilities over the next decade, Grace Innovations has successfully delivered 5G solutions for large scale logistics enterprises, DoD 5G applications and combined 5G and new wireless innovation to meet customer need.

We deployed next generation hologram technology as part of logistics modernization for an enterprise logistics customer.

Grace Innovations onboarded a hologram innovator and designed the application for our customer.

Grace Innovations has a large ecosystem of ISVs.

Grace Innovations Ph.Ds create new technology and intellectual property to help our public sector and commercial customers create their future. 

Working With Grace Innovations



We Create new technology where none exist



We rapidly engineer a demonstratable solution


Deliver The Future

We partner or invest to field the solution

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