about grace innovations

Our Vision

See to it that all people who encounter us experience Grace. To have a positive impact on our employees, community, customers and partners.

Our Mission

To be a transformational wireless technology leader for US commercial and public sector customers and partners.

Our approach brings together US technology start-ups in both the commercial and public sector markets to accelerate both the national security mission and the economic growth of US business.

Dual Use Technology

We focus on dual use technology that advances both commercial innovators and public sector concerns. We have to capability and partners to commercialize new technology for startup and growth stage entrepreneurs.

 Through our deep public sector experience, we can bring commercial technology into the public sector environment and navigate security and acquisition challenges to achieve authority to operate and seed technology into large programs of record.



Bringing together commercial and public sector interests entails more than just partnering. We have an understanding and appreciate for innovator intellectual property and vision. 

We also look to build strategic relationships to bring critical technology forward and enable a path to market.


Our People

Creative and Collaborative

Our people are a multi-disciplinary team of innovators and industry leaders with deep strategic expertise across research and development, product management, business develop and new market launch. 

Our advisors are industry executives with commercial and public sector experience. 

At Grace Innovations, our team are part of an equitable, respectful environment where all ideas and beliefs are welcome. 

Its an entrepreneurial environment where great ideas move fast.

About Grace Innovations

Grace Innovations was founded to create dual use wireless solutions for commercial and public sector enterprise customers. Our team creates or leverages the cutting edge of wireless solutions to deliver system innovation for our customers.

At times, we even found new companies to address rapid growth opportunities in a market. Our focus areas are wireless spectrum access, innovating 5G and beyond solutions and intersection of IoT and next generation automation tools such as hologram technologies and augmented and virtual reality.

Our customers and partners range from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups.

our core values


Change The Box

Wireless technology enterprise solutions that transform the business and mission to reach new heights of success. Change the box and change the Business now.



Constantly seek out the technology innovators to stay at the cutting edge of wireless technology solution. We bring the next level tech into your business.


Honor our employees, communities, customers and partners. Be a beacon of goodwill and good works in our community with focus on the underserved. Grace !

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