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Our innovators tap into a broader network of leading research institutions to create innovation. The sheer intellectual research and ideas that these institutions put together are having vast impacts on innovation.


Innovation quickly stalls without access to funding. Our team align public and private funding to bring new organic technology to market or shepherd start-ups through early stage business development.


We rapidly prototype solutions for our customers giving them a full idea of how the innovation will come out and giving them the opportunity for improvements at an early stage. Prototyping is engineering at early stage.


Business Development

Partner with startups to grow early revenue and create a multiplier effect in their valuation. Leverage deep technical expertise and business leadership skills to take your business to the next level.



Prototype complex technologies and field them for evaluation. We stop at nothing to break through technology and policy barriers.


Our innovations have fieldable capabilities for adoption or future investment. Our innovators tap into a broader network of leading research institutions to create innovation and growth. We are evolving at a rapid speed.

Strategic Leadership

Lead strategic roadmap development and execution for startups and large enterprises entering new markets. This has created a new era of tremendous growth oportunities for all markets.

IoT Breakthrough

IoT enables companies to automate their processes which in turn reduces costs for labor. Thus cutting down waste and improving delivery, also makes it easy to manufacture and deliver products.

IoT provides businesses with a real-time know how of their systems are operating and interacting. It gives  complete insight into how the machines are performing and also you get to know supply chain and logistics interactions and performance.

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